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What does a good quote look like?

To the customer, a good quote is a continuation of their last conversation with you.  Does he get the impression that you understood him? Is it easy for him to recognie his situation and needs in the quote? Is it easy for him to take the quote and present and explain it to others? Does the quote justify the proposed price?  For you, a good quote is one that brings the order a step closer. For larger or more important orders, a good quote must be tailor made, and there are several areas that make it attractive to the customer.

Content, structure and style

Do you find it difficult to put your offer down on paper in an authentic, distinctive and persuasive manner? What am I writing? How do I structure my quote? Is this well-written? And what tone and style am I to use? After completing the Winning Quotes training, you will be writing quotations that sell. Quotes that generate orders. Winning Quotes makes use of preparation assignments, personal exercises and personal feedback.