Customer-Oriented Selling

The perfect combination of sales techniques and customer-orientation

There is only one way to successfully apply sales techniques and customer-oriented selling. And that is when you use the buying process at the purchasing company as a guideline for all your interactions with the customer. Do you know how to set the buying process in motion and keep it going? Do you know how to motivate buyers to consider your product or service? Do you strengthen their buying intention? Or do your actions as a salesperson result in an early termination of buying processes? Or don’t they even begin? Our sales training Customer-Oriented Selling will demonstrate to you how the purchasing brain on the buyer works and how you can target and carry out your actions accordingly. That will give you optimal satisfaction and growth from sales.

Creating customer value in a structured way

Customer-oriented selling is not simply selling your product or service, it is providing your customer with a solution. Customer-oriented salespeople focus on creating and providing value for their customers. They take their customers on a search for the right solutions. They don’t want to have the outcome of their efforts depend on chance or luck. Creating and maintaining a structure in the commercial interaction of your salespeople is key, a precondition, to obtain a solid grip on the results. The sales training Customer-Oriented Selling teaches your salespeople how to structure and phase their sales. How to adjust their attitude and behavior to their customers in every phase and on creating value.

Developing personal selling skills

To develop and retain a connection with the customer throughout the entire buying process, we work on aspects such as connecting with the customer as a person; how to position yourself and your company; developing the motivation to buy; how to conduct a needs analysis; and discovering your own added value. You learn to build on trust and work on techniques for good and enjoyable conversations in which you avoid pitfalls. By adopting conversation and questioning techniques, you learn how to increase and capitalise on your opportunities. Furthermore, you learn to present your value and to negotiate from win-win situations so that you can ask for the commission or order and close the deal.

Sales training Customer-Oriented Selling elements

What will we be working on? During our sales training Customer-Oriented Selling, we will tackle the following elements:

  • The buyer’s mind-sets-phased sales approach
  • The tools for personal selling
  • Getting a seat at the table: making appointments by phone
  • Sitting at the table: conducting meetings and conversations with potential customers
  • Positioning your company and yourself
  • Making an inventory of the customer’s needs
  • Presenting your offer and proposal
  • Negotiating based on principles
  • Closure and follow-up
  • Defensive sales after the order

Who benefits from tailored sales training?

This sales training programme is intended for people working in a B2B environment. We tailor the training according to your company’s requirements, which will be unravelled during the intake with you and your salespeople. Your sales team will take part in this training for at least two days. We can extend the programme to more days or divide it over half-day sessions in which we cover parts of the programme.

This is why Intraservice

Intraservice BV, established in 1983, has been a specialised agency for commercial training programmes for the B2B sector since 2004. We train sales teams of large and small companies, at home and abroad. In English, Dutch, German and Spanish. In person, on location, and online. Because we, as a company, have a solid focus on selling our own services and those of others as agents, we know exactly how sales works. You can count on our sales experience of more than 27 years. With us, theory and practice go hand in hand. We offer a wide range of different sales training programmes. Apart from our sales training Customer-Oriented Selling we also offer other courses such as Presenting with Impact, Consultative Selling, SPIN Selling and International Sales for SMEs. You can ask us to organise a training session on a single, specific element or an entirely tailored sales training.

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