Contacting Strategy plus Exhibition Training

Ensure maximum interaction with exhibition visitors

Especially for exhibitors who want to get the most out of their trade fair participation, we developed our programme Contacting Strategy plus Exhibition Training. This programme consists of two sessions. The first deals with the strategy of and how to create stopping power while the second focuses on training your exhibition stand team to use stopping power strategy optimally and turn it into successful contacts and conversations. The emphasis lies on the development of a distinctive tool that is sure to draw the visitors’ attention and which enables you to connect with trade fair visitors quickly and easily and to generate as many leads as possible.

Developing a contact strategy workshop

When the trade fair is crucial to increase your revenues, you need smart tools. For example, by radically increasing your stopping power. To achieve that, we develop a creative contacting strategy so that every trade fair visitor is sure to appreciate your stand team’s first moment of contact and will be open to having a conversation. This can be done by offering an ingenious give-away, a lottery or competition, or another surprise that can break the ice. Whatever is it, it will be unique and distinguishing you from the rest at the trade fair grounds. Together, we also formulate the opening questions and presentation of your company. With such a comprehensive package, you have a tangible tool to boost your chance of making more contacts and facilitate an easier way to follow this up.

Training the contacting strategy

Strategy and creative incentives give your exhibition stand team tools to approach visitors. After that, they have to turn contacts into leads. During our exhibition training, we help your stand crew to implement the strategy engagingly and communicate your story persuasively. We train them to put your contact strategy into practice, to make personal connections, and to steer an initial contact to a business orientation and exploratory conversation.

A workshop and a training

During the programme Contacting Strategy plus Exhibition Training, we tackle the following elements in two sessions:

Session 1, together with the responsible officers, 2-3 months before the exhibition.

Developing a contact strategy

  • Defining the target audience
  • Contact goals
  • Empathising with the target audience
  • Determining contact moments
  • Obstacles and opportunities
  • Contact strategies storm: from longlist to shortlist
  • Choosing the contact strategy and working out a scenario

Session 2, together with the exhibition team and responsible officers, from 3 weeks before the exhibition.

Training the Contact strategy

  • Explanation contact strategy
  • Making contact scripts and text lines
  • Application of the contact strategy during exercises and role play

Tailored to your needs

At the trade fair, it all comes down to your team. And one team may be better equipped than the other. The one may be a well-oiled machine, the other is still a bit apprehensive when it comes to communicating the sales story. That is why we always tailor our exhibition training sessions to your requirements. Together with you, we will look at what you need for your trade fair participation. We will steer your team to a top level within the familiar environment of your company or at another location.

This is why Intraservice

Founded in 1983, Intraservice BV has been one of the most specialised agencies for exhibition training and coaching in the Netherlands since 1990. We offer our training programmes in German, English, Dutch and Spanish. In person, on location and online. We work for and with exhibitors, professionals from the trade fair industry, and coordinators of collective trade fair participation and trade fair organisers from around the world. Thanks to our know-how and experience, our clients generate the best results from their trade fair participations.

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