Brand Positioning | Online Consultancy


Who chooses is chosen. Do you want to stand out on the market and from your competitors? Then a sharp brand positioning for your company is indispensable. With Brand Positioning | Online Consultancy you will have your unique brand positioning, plus three customised tools for implementing your branding. Developed together with you by international branding professionals, using tested digital and virtual consultancy.

Brand Positioning | Online Consultancy

Knowing and communicating what makes you distinctive, authentic and attractive: that is how you become a strong brand.

Your company’s brand is more than your company’s name or logo. Your brand is not what you say it is, but what others say that it is. And strikingly enough, it is true that strong brands distinguish themselves from the market most through emotional associations that target groups link to the brand. Strong brands succeed in communicating an authentic, relevant and distinctive image. To their customers, employees and stakeholders.

A misunderstanding in branding is that a strong brand is a popular brand. There are but few associations that must be recognised widely. A random person need not care about your company. It is of utmost importance to be relevant and valuable for the public you serve. However specialised that may be. To branding applies: he who chooses sharply, will be chosen.

What is Brand Positioning | Online Consultancy

Brand Positioning | Online Consultancy is a compact, expert consultancy trajectory that will give you a professional brand positioning. Developed together with you by international branding professionals, through consultancy from a distance. In other words: the persons involved in the trajectory meet, communicate and talk with each other virtually and digitally. The brand positioning you will get serves as an indispensable strategic marketing tool for realising growth and loyalty objectives.

For whom is Brand Positioning | Online Consultancy?

For all companies with a good product or service who additionally want to distinguish themselves on image from the market and their competitors. From small to big. Active on the B2B and B2C markets. From start-ups to already established names. Operating internationally, nationally, regionally or locally.

Do you conduct a trade-stimulating programme?

Then contact us. We will be happy to explain personally how Brand Positioning | Online Consultancy can be a unique, valuable addition in the programme of your support to exporters and producers.

What will you get with Brand Positioning | Online Consultancy?

Our compact and effective programme will give your four concrete things, with which you can start working immediately:

1. Your brand positioning

  • The sharply chosen archetype for your company brand: your authentic, attractive and sustainable positioning

2. Your Brand Model

  • The framework with the parameters for strategic decisions and ‘brand-worthy’ actions and behaviour

3. Your Brand Compass

  • The most practical tool of the moment for consistent implementation of your branding. Your Brand Compass will enable you to test what you do and how you do it against your brand.

4. Your brand mood board

  • A handy quick guide with directions and hints for your visual and textual identity

How does this help you as a company?

Brand Positioning | Online Consultancy helps you improve the image of your company and thus realise growth and loyalty objectives. For it:

  • gives your company a sharply chosen distinctive positioning
  • gives your company the tools to achieve a good and sustainable image
  • makes sure your target groups will connect firmly and permanently to your company
  • makes sure that your company, your employees and products or services get a premium and head start on your competitors

And how does this help you as an entrepreneur?

With Branding for Companies you will be able to promote and run your company with more impact and more bindingly. For you:

  • will discover the distinctiveness, authenticity and relevance of your company
  • will know how you can give the company the desired face, both internally and externally
  • will have a strategy for really effective promotion of and connection to your company
  • can make the right decisions more easily for what is and what is not appropriate for the promotion and actions of your company

The advantages of our online approach?

Wherever in the world you are, you can get brand positioning, developed by internationally renowned branding professionals from Europe. You will save time and need not move from where you are. Our tested online trajectory is compact, practical and above all affordable and has a brief processing time. Therefore, it especially opens doors for SME’s to really professional brand positioning that you can start working with very fast. What you get is:

  • complete and finished: a programme with a start and a finish
  • can be applied sustainably, concretely and directly
  • can be implemented feasibly and measurably

This is why Intraservice

Intraservice BV, founded in 1983, is an internationally operating training, marketing and consultancy firm for challenges in the front line of business. Where your target groups are in contact with you, experiencing what you stand for and how you do things. Where your image is determined. We are specialists in communication, marketing and sales. Since 1988 we have helped companies and organisations from all over the world to bring focus to and get result from their marketing and sales efforts. As an agency, Intraservice has worked on change, development and growth in 43 countries with countless organisations and companies. We offer our services in German, English, Dutch, and Spanish.

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