Customised Webinar


Do you want to organise a professional and captivating webinar for your employees, customers, members or another target group? We will help you the way that suits you and about the commercial subjects you want. We will develop and realise separate themed webinars or online trainings for you. From a complete online course to a single inspirational session as an online guest speaker during an online event.

Customised to subject, format and content

The commercial reality of companies and people has shifted strongly and swiftly from in-person to online. Companies that present themselves professionally online and with commercial people performing adequately and distinctively online, are more successful in gaining access, connecting and growing. Consequently, the need for improvement of online (digital) communication and online (virtual) interaction is a topical issue for many companies.

Since 1988 we have specialised in improving the performance of companies and people in the frontline of business. Where target groups receive and experience your communication and interaction. Therefore, our years-long expertise spectrum is explicitly the front of business, communication and interaction. The subjects we offer trainings about are branding, sales, marketing and communication. In Customised Webinar, what you want to improve or achieve, determines the content of the webinar. And the implementation will take your reality, wishes and possibilities into account.

Understand, want, can and will do

If improvement is the aim, putting knowledge into practice is a precondition in order to make successful changes. In our online webinars and online trainings we therefore always work on ‘understand, want, can and do’ for the participants, keeping an especially sharp eye on their motivation, energy and activation. This way, you will have the support and enthusiasm to really apply and embed change.

A choice from our online themes

To give you an idea of the possibilities, you will find a small choice from the varied themes for our webinars or online trainings below.

  • Online business events – successful virtual meetings
  • Online (business event) – facilitating meetings digitally
  • Online personal sales
  • Online business meetings
  • Online pitching
  • Online marketing
  • Branding: brand positioning, brand strategy and implementation
  • Website design and strategy
  • Writing web texts
  • Social media communication
  • Written business communication
  • Writing press releases

For whom?

Customised Webinar is for companies and organisations that want to help their staff, members and/or target groups present themselves better and perform better virtually through webinars or online training. Customised Webinar is for B2B. Our clients and participants come from all over the world and are companies, sector associations, trade promotion organisations and governments.

This is why Intraservice

Intraservice BV, founded in 1983, is a training, marketing and consultancy firm operating internationally, for challenges in the frontline of business. There, where your target groups are in contact with you and your target groups experience what you stand for, and how you do things. Where you try to gain access, connect and grow. We are a specialist in branding, sales, communication and marketing. Since 1988 we have helped companies and organisations from all over the world to bring focus to and get results from their marketing and sales efforts. Meeting growth and loyalty targets. Intraservice has realised dozens of webinars and online trainings as a firm in 43 countries, for many different sectors, worked on change, development and growth with countless organisations and companies. We offer our training programmes in German, English, Dutch, and Spanish.

Make an appointment

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