Consultative Selling

Commercial professionalisation for consultants and sales staff

It is a misconception to think that only your salespeople contribute to your sales. What about your consultants, your experts? They are often in close contact with your clients, they are the first people your clients will call, they know the business and all the ins and outs of your products or services. But….they are consultants, not salespeople. And so they often don’t or hardly ever actively sell products or services. Apart from that, they don’t capitalise on the growth opportunities that they encounter, or even create, because they are not aware of their own commercial value. That is a shame. On the other hand, many salespeople lack the consulting connection they can have with clients, which can result in missing out on commissions or sales. Our sales training Consultative Selling is the sales training programme for ambitious salespeople and consultants who want to become better commercial professionals when it comes to consultative selling.

Acute focus on consulting

With our training programme, your sales staff and consultants increase their commercial awareness, their skills, and they become more active. We target the sales trajectory on consultative selling. We show how your sales staff and consultants can collaborate in a more commercial manner and strengthen each other. We increase the commercial motivation and team spirit. We work on commercial thinking and acting. And we offer self-confidence and self-assurance. By realising this turnaround, an acute focus is created on giving the client the best possible advice and creating value. And that results in higher sales.

The right integrity with the right intention

Your team will learn how to give commercial advice. They will learn how to seamlessly connect advice and sales. With their advice, they become part of the solution, and they achieve that by adopting a clientoriented approach with the right integrity and the right intention. Their advice serves the client’s best interest. Their intention is to sell sound advice. The sales training Consultative Selling teaches them to use and make use of the consultative tools commercially.

For whom?

Our sales training is most of all suitable for professionals such as sales managers, account managers, commercial staff and consultants, and technical or financial consultants.

Sales Training Consultative Selling elements

What will we be working on? During our sales training Consultative Selling, we will tackle the following elements:

  • How client-oriented am I?
  • What is my style in interaction?
  • Personal resistances and challenges
  • The phased trajectory of consultative selling
  • Consultative tools used as selling tools
  • Making appointments by phone (‘creating the opportunity to sit at the client’s table’)
  • Conducting consultative meetings and sales talks with (potential) clients (‘sitting at the client’s table’)
  • Real-life situations
  • Roleplay

Opening phase:

  • Making contact and the connection
  • Positioning your company and yourself

Need analysis phase

  • Analysing the client’s situation
  • Analysing the client’s needs
  • Consultative meeting, structure, model
  • Listening and questioning techniques
  • Demarcating the client’s needs

Presentation phase

  • Presenting your solution and proposal
  • Convincing the client based on value

Commitment phase

  • Asking for the commission
  • Negotiating based on principles
  • Bidding strategy
  • Closure and follow-up
  • Safeguarding improvement and change

In-company tailored sales training

Our sales training Consultative Selling is a so-called in-company training programme at your office or at an external location. We tailor the training according to your company’s requirements. We will unravel these requirements during the intake meeting. This is when we discuss all the aspects of the training programme. Your participants will take part in this training for at least two days. We can extend the trajectory to more days or divide the programme over half-day sessions in which we cover parts of the programme.

This is why Intraservice

Intraservice BV, established in 1983, has been a specialised agency for commercial training programmes for the B2B sector since 2004. We train sales teams of large and small companies, at home and abroad. In English, Dutch, German and Spanish. In person, on location, and online. Because we, as a company, have a solid focus on selling our own services and those of others as agents, we know exactly how sales works. You can count on our sales experience of more than 27 years. With us, theory and practice go hand in hand. We offer a wide range of different sales training programmes. Apart from our sales training Consultative Selling we also offer other courses such as Customer-Oriented Selling, Presenting with Impact, SPIN Selling and International Sales for SMEs. You can ask us to organise a training session on a single, specific element or an entirely tailored sales training.

Make an appointment

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