Consultancy on Organising Collective Trade Fair Participation

To ‘The next level’ in group participation

You organise collective trade fair participations. In the Netherlands or abroad, and you wish to further professionalise your company when it comes to organising such events. You want to give your staff the opportunity to manage these activities more independently and get them more involved in the goals of the collective trade fair participation. You want to reach ‘the next level’ in organising trade fair pavilions. Intraservice offers advice, supports, and monitors pavilion organisers to realise sustainable change and improvements.

Starting within your own company is winning in the outside world

After all, you organise collective trade fair participations to let others enter new markets or further expand their business in existing markets. One of the key conditions for success for the participants in your pavilion is the fact that your own organisation functions perfectly and distinctively. We help you by first training your participants so that they can win in the outside world.

Growth, saving costs, higher efficiency or more successful

We advise and support your organisation and your staff. Our adviser offers structure, efficiency, effectiveness, refreshing ideas, and a comprehensive overview of your collective trade fair participation and work method. Our goal is transformation and sustainable change. We achieve this by creating a clear, broadly supported vision on successful collective trade fair participation and by helping you to adjust and embed the processes for this within your company.

How we work in steps


We first like to have a non-committal meeting. During this meeting, we get more insight into your company and obtain an idea of what you need when it comes to collective trade fair participation. Together with you, we decide whether we can take the next step: the improvement scan.

Improvement Scan

With the improvement scan, we make an inventory of the current structure and process within your company when it comes to organising collective trade fair participation, and we show you the options for improvement. You will get a clear overview of the points of improvement that can be realised. In the short term as well as in the long term. In consultation with you, we can decide which improvements should be tackled.

Improvement Plan and Realisation

We also like to help you with the implementation of these improvements. Thanks to our extensive and broad knowledge and experience, we can help you realise sustainable changes. We can jointly set up an improvement plan, complete with measurable goals, strategies, and concrete actions and deadlines.

Training staff to adopt the new approach

Generally, part of the improvement process is training your staff. This training focuses on the new, improved way in which you want to organise your collective trade fair participation. We demonstrate this method and get it embedded with your staff. Our clients often ask us, as specialists in this area, to take care of the required knowledge and skills training for their staff.

Collective Exhibition Participation Manual

Naturally, you want to sustainably apply the carefully developed and improved organisation method for organising your collective exhibition participation. To safeguard that knowledge and skills remain available and transferable within your company, many of our clients choose to create a Collective Trade Fair Participation Manual.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are companies and organisations who coordinate collective trade fair participations in their countries and abroad. They want to professionalise their own organisation and staff to have their collective exhibition participations achieve high ratings and results.

Our clients include:

  • Branch associations
  • BSOs and TPOs
  • Ministries and embassies
  • Export and import promoting organisations
  • Exhibition organisations

This is why Intraservice

Intraservice BV, founded in 1983, is one of the most specialised agencies for exhibition training and consultancy in the world. Intraservice has been organising collective participations since 1990 and we are the only specialist company that offers a worldwide training programme. Today, we already professionalised group coordinators in 43 countries. We offer our  programmes and services in Dutch, English, German and Spanish. We work for and with exhibitors, professionals from the exhibition industry, and coordinators of collective trade fair participation andtrade fair organisers from around the world. In person, on location, and online. Thanks to our know-how and experience, our clients will generate the best results from their trade fair participation.

Make an appointment

Want to know more? Please contact us. During a non-committal meeting, we will tell you everything about our Exhibition Consultancy for Organising Collective Trade Fair Participation. Call us at +31 180 321346 or mail us.

Outsourcing the coordination of your pavilion to us? Yes you can.

Do you wish to outsource the organisation of your collectivetrade fair participation to us. Fully or partially. In Intraservice you find a trusted partner. Who can render this service to you on a contract basis or can co-organise your pavilion sharing the commercial risk with you.  Read more.