Company Branding

Complete, effective and affordable. For companies from all product and services sectors

The brand of your company is more than just its name or logo. Your brand is not what you say it is, but what others say it is. Interestingly enough, strong brands distinguish themselves from the market through emotional associations that connect target groups to the brand. Strong brands succeed in communicating and providing the experience of an authentic, relevant and distinctive image. The brand gives them direction with their customers, employees and stakeholders.

A misconception in branding is that a strong brand is a popular brand. There are only very few associations that need to be widely recognised. Why should a random person care about your company? What is most important is to be relevant and valuable to the audience you serve. No matter how specialised that is. With branding, the following applies: whoever chooses sharply, is chosen. With Company Branding, we help with that. You will get the positioning, brand manual and implementation strategy for thorough branding of your company through a tried and tested process.

What is our Company Branding programme

Company Branding is a trajectory in which we together determine the identity of the company, the desired image for the company and what the branding strategy for the company is. You will receive a ‘company brand manual’ with the logo, pay-off and visual and textual instructions for the branding of your company. And together with you, we draw up a plan to implement your company branding. The programme is effective, practical and affordable.

Who is Company Branding for?

Company Branding is a branding trajectory for SMEs. Active on the B2B or B2C market. Operating internationally, nationally, regionally or locally.

What do you get with Company Branding?

Our compact and effective programme provides you with three concrete things. You can get started with these right away:

1. Brand Positioning

  • the brand DNA of the business and an elaborate model for the positioning of the company. With the brand purpose, the brand promise and the brand values for your company: together, they form the framework for the branding of your company
  • a brand compass: a tool that allows you to test actions and expressions and make sure they are in line with the desired image

2. Brand Manual

  • a brand logo for your company, which clearly and appealingly represents the company as  an umbrella sender
  • a brand manual for your company: the handbook that enables you to achieve and secure consistent communication in words and images

3. Branding Strategy

  • an action plan on 1 A4, so that you can actually do what you want. To start with the implementation of the company branding and make it happen. With goals, actions, responsibilities, practical measuring points and time planning.

How does it help your company?

Company Branding helps to improve the image of your company and thus achieve growth and loyalty objectives. Because:

  • it gives your company a specifically chosen, distinctive positioning
  • it gives your company the tools to achieve a good and sustainable image
  • it ensures that target groups commit themselves firmly and persistently to the company
  • it ensures that your company, your employees and your products or services are given a premium and a competitive edge

And how does it help you and the staff?

With Company Branding, you are able to promote and run your business with more impact and more connection. Because,

  • you discover the distinctiveness, authenticity and relevance of your company
  • you know how to give your company the desired face, internally and externally
  • you have a strategy for truly effective promotion of and connection with your company
  • it is easier for you to make the right decisions about what is appropriate for the promotion and actions of your company and what is not

The benefits of our approach?

  • complete and finished: a programme with a head and a tail
  • get started concretely and immediately
  • feasible and measurable implementation
  • compact, practical and effective process

This is why Intraservice

Intraservice BV, founded in 1983, is an internationally operating training, marketing and consultancy agency for challenges at the front line of business. We specialise in B2B-communication, branding, marketing and sales. Since 1988, we have been helping companies and organisations around the world focus and get results from their marketing and sales efforts. As an agency, Intraservice has worked on change, development and growth with numerous organisations in 43 countries. We provide our services in English, Dutch, German and Spanish. In person, on location, and online.

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