Online Event Training


You can recognise a successful online business event by the number of relevant contacts and follow-up appointments you made. These are interesting entrances and valuable expansions to your network. That’s why you do it. However experienced and good a sales team may be face to face, virtual commercial interaction requires specific knowledge and skills to really get results from participation in online business events. Good contacts, better chances. With our online event training you will bring your salesmen to top level and you will experience the difference between online event participation and online event success.

Of course, you will also follow our training online, from a distance. Thanks to the tailored subjects and simulations our training is an excellent dress rehearsal for the actual online events your salesmen will participate in.

Distinctive online performance

During a virtual business event, it is not primarily about selling to new contacts. The point of a successful online event is in influencing relevant contacts. You set buying processes in motion by stimulating interest in them, by connecting personally and reinforcing business intentions. That’s all. The emphasis is on your online performance. Through activating and engaging interaction you will build up trust, stimulate new contacts and lay a strong foundation for the follow-up.

Facilitating your online event virtually and digitally

Our training is custom work and complete. We teach your salesmen to facilitate their online event participation adequately on two levels: virtually and digitally. Facilitating virtually refers to carrying out and supervising personal meetings from a distance. Facilitating digitally is the synchronisation of digital communication (e-mails, documentation, presentations) for having appointments, online meetings and achieving the desired outcomes.

Online conversations with result

Applying the way sales talks are normally conducted ‘in person’ to online events may be enticing, but is by no means effective, as the face-to-face component in your communication is absent. Online conversations must therefore be much more distinctively captivating and have a distinctive impact. In our online event training you will learn to control your message and bring focus into the attention of your contact. Priming the brain of the buyer and creating a pleasant dialogue. Having mutual interaction connecting personally. For captivating online conversations that will be remembered and provide you with the desired follow-up step.

Online Event Training components

What else do we work on? We give Online Event Training using the three building blocks for successful online event participation:

  • Preparation
  • Implementation
  • Follow-up

Online Event Training follows the QEP formula. Depending on the needs and skills already present we include the following focus areas in our training programme:


  • Brand positioning for your company
  • Website/event participation landing page
  • Digital facilitating: e-mail, event portal communication
  • Social media communication


  • Online event strategy
  • Pre-event matchmaking
  • Event participation marketing
  • Digital facilitating: presentations, documentation, slide deck


  • Online meeting and communication
  • Online conversation skills
  • Your virtual pitch
  • Online product and service presentation
  • Online proposals
  • Online negotiating
  • Post-event follow-up and networking

Online Event Customised Training

Online events are all about your people and their facilitation. One team is a bit more skilled and equipped than the other. One is a well-oiled machine, the other is still a bit uncomfortable with approaching, dealings and interaction. For this reason, we always create customised online event trainings. Together with you we will look at your online event needs and bring your team to online top level.

For whom and how?

Our Online Event Training is for companies and organisations that want to help their staff, members and target groups online – from a distance – to participate in online business to business events distinctively and with good results. Our clients and participants come from all over the world and are companies, sector associations, trade-promotion organisations and governments. We create customised trainings, depending on the needs of the participants. We find these out during our introductory meeting with you. Participants follow the training online, in separate sessions of 3 hours maximum. If improvement is the aim, bringing into practice is a precondition: acting, really bringing about change. For this reason, in trainings we always work on ‘understanding, wanting, being able and doing’ with your people. And we keep a very sharp eye on motivation, energy and activation, as this will create the support and enthusiasm to really apply and embed change.

This is why Intraservice

Intraservice BV, founded in 1983, has been a specialised firm for commercial training for B2B since 2004. We train sales teams of small and large companies at home and abroad. We offer our training programmes in German, English, Dutch, and Spanish. We help them achieve their growth and loyalty targets. We know exactly how sales works, for we ourselves are also selling our services on a daily basis, so you can count on decades of sales experience. Theory and practice go hand in hand in our online trainings. We combine the right knowledge and skills. Intraservice has realised dozens of webinars and online trainings, and as a firm in 43 countries, has worked on change, development and growth for many different sectors, with countless organisations and companies.

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