Website Package


Strong online without worries? Then a professional website with maintenance and support, created by a specialist is a must. Responsive, findable, user-friendly and safe. In your own style and communicating all focus areas strongly.

A website that opens doors

Every potential customer will always visit your website first. Why? To get expectations for doing business with you. To qualify you. Are you professional or not? A quick glance at your website suffices for them to have a strong opinion of your company and you supply. Will they consider or reject? For SMEs that want to gain access or grow on (international) markets, a qualifying website is a precondition. Simply because your website opens or closes doors for you.

Why Website Package?

We will maker sure that you will have a reliable and professional website quickly and affordably. Without having to worry about maintenance, and easy to adjust yourself. You have a free choice: our complete website package or just a part of it.

This is what you get:

1. Website suited to your business

  • A professional website for your company, suited to your business and brand experience. Responsive and protected.

2. WordPress CMS

  • We will build the website in a WordPress CMS. After going live, you can easily change your texts and photos yourself, or add pages.

3. Revision rounds

  • The package includes 2 revision rounds: one for the design proposal and one for going live.

4. Going live and protection

  • Your website will go ‘live’ when you are completely satisfied. We will of course make sure that it is protected. Ready to open the door to visitors and welcome new business.

5. Domain, hosting and SSL

  • Website Package is complete: including a FREE domain registration, high-speed hosting, SSL and e-mail.

6. 100% your property

  • Your website is your property for 100%. You can do with it what you want. Without restrictions or reservations.

7. Optional extension

  • You can easily have your website extended. Ordering form, web shop or newsletter. Costs upon request.

8. Free helpdesk*

  • Problems with the technical side of the website? Free assistance is included in the package.

9. Technical updates*

  • During 24 months the technical side is our responsibility. The latest updates and best protection has been arranged for you. No need to worry about anything.

10. Support during 24 months*

  • After going live, you will enjoy our inclusive support for 24 months.

* Included if you choose for the Website Package in its entirety. You can also choose to leave out these parts of the package.

The full package, or do you prefer a part?

Companies having a website for the first time or want to use a new domain name, often opt for the full package. However, if you want us to only design and build the website for you, and prefer to manage going live, hosting and maintenance yourself, that is also possible. We will adjust our price for you and transfer the website to you before going live.

This is why Intraservice

Intraservice BV, founded in 1983, is an internationally operating marketing, consultancy and training firm for challenges at the front end of business. We help companies and organisations from all over the world to bring focus in and get result from their marketing and sales efforts. To allow you to gain access, connect and grow. We are experts in B2B communication, branding, marketing and sales. Our website specialists have over 7 years and 200 projects of experience. As a firm, Intraservice has worked with countless organisations from countless sectors in 43 countries on development and growth. We offer our services in German, English, Dutch, and Spanish.

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