Exhibition Training for Stand Teams

Get the best contacts and results from your trade fair participation

The amount of relevant contacts you get demonstrates the success of your trade fair participation. Relevant contacts are interesting entries and valuable expansions of your network. That is why you are there. No matter how well-oiled your trade fair team is, there are always specific areas in which your participation can yield even more results. Even more contacts. Even more opportunities. With our Exhibition Training for Stand Teams, you steer your team to a top level and experience the difference between ‘trade fair participation’ and ‘trade fair success’.

Distinguishing, live performance

A common misconception is that trade fairs are held to close deals. The first goal of trade fairs, however, is not sales. The key to a successful trade fair lies in influencing visitors. Setting  buying processes in motion by piquing the interest of the visitors, targeting their needs, and strengthening purchase intentions. Nothing more, nothing less. However, being successful in this lies in how distinguishingly good the live performance of your team is. How good they are at finding new contacts and a strong base for follow-up of trade fair leads through active, efficient and enjoyable face-to-face interaction.

Short conversations with a high return

Some people are tempted to start long conversations with visitors. But at trade fairs that is in general not effective. Apart from making contact, our Exhibition Training for Stand Teams will teach you to instantly assess whether the visitor might be an interesting prospect and how you can turn this into a valuable contact as quickly as possible. This is done by asking questions: the right questions. And let’s not forget that the trade fair is a first impression. The real work starts when you meet with the prospect after the etrade fair – the follow-up. You learn to keep pitches  short and to the point. This way, you can interact with as many visitors as possible. And only then will the trade fair contribute to your company’s ambitions.

Exhibition Training for Stand Teams  training aspects:

We offer the Exhibition Training for Stand Teams based on the following aspects:

  1. Making contacts
  2. Engaging with visitors
  3. Understanding the ‘buying brain’ of the visitor
  4. Pitching at trade fairs: the Expo Pitch©
  5. Trade fair conversations’ efficiency and effectiveness
  6. Closing trade fair conversations with a next step
  7. Following-up on leads

Tailored to your teams’ learning needs

At the exhibition, it all comes down to your team. And one team may be better equipped than the other. The one may be a well-oiled machine, the other is still a bit apprehensive when it comes to approaching, dealing and interacting with visitors. That is why we always tailor our exhibition training sessions to your requirements. Together with you, we will look at what you need for your exhibition participation. We will steer your team to a top level within the familiar environment of your company or at another location. Our training will take place from 3 weeks before the exhibition starts and can last 3 hours to an entire day.

Depending on the skills and needs of your trade fair team, you determine the focal points in the training, such as:

  • Being proactive, seeking contacts actively
  • Active, dynamic appearance
  • Asking and Listening to the visitors’ needs
  • Team spirit and motivation
  • Scheduling prior contacts and appointments
  • Clear, short and convincing pitches
  • Setting ROI targets
  • Self-confidence and skills
  • Handling various first-contact situations
  • The buying brain of the visitor
  • Aiming for follow-up

This is why Intraservice

Founded in 1983, Intraservice BV has been one of the most specialised agencies for exhibition training and coaching in the Netherlands since 1990. We offer our training programmes in German, English, Dutch and Spanish. In person, on location, and online. We work for and with exhibitors, professionals from the trade fair industry, and coordinators of collective trade fair participation and trade fair organisers from around the world. Thanks to our know-how and experience, our clients generate the best results from their trade fair participations.

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