Organising Collective Trade Fair Participation Course

Organise the success of your exhibition pavilions

Having a pavilion at a trade fair is the perfect way to optimally set the spotlight on countries and sectors. A joint presentation enables you to generate higher export figures or strengthen your branch. Provided everything is well organised and carried out. Because a seamless organisation, planning, and implementation can make or break the success of your pavilion. With our Organising Collective Trade Fair Participation Course, you can set your organising team on the right track. You will learn how to organise your collective participation up to the smallest details and distinctively. Secondly, you help your fellow exhibitors in the best possible way and ensure that your pavilion generates optimal results.

Exhibition pavilions that exporters wish to join

Your exhibition pavilion, your collective trade fair participation, is a joint effort to promote shared interests. And that is exactly the challenge. You make agreements with multiple parties. Professionalism must be guaranteed. Budgets must remain within reasonable limits. And fellow exhibitors must register in large numbers and be motivated to join. Organising an exhibition pavilion is a major project. We estimate a period of 9 to 12 months for the organisation before the trade fair kicks off. Your organisation professionalises when it comes to recruiting, planning, funding, logistics, strategy, design, coordination, promotion, support, execution, and closure.

Know-how and skills for your organising team

The realisation of an exhibition pavilion lies in the hands of your organisation’s own staff. Depending on the organising team’s experience and know-how, we help to strengthen the organisational skills of the team. You can opt for a full course trajectory or a partial course programme. The Intraservice course Organising Collective Trade Fair Participation will teach your employees everything there is to know for designing and organising successful collective trade fair participation.

Organising Collective Trade Fair Participation course elements

What will we be focusing on? The Organising Collective Trade Fair Participation course consists of  amongst others the following elements:

  • Deciding on collective participation
  • Selecting the exhibition
  • Recruitment and selection co-exhibitors
  • Compiling project documentation
  • Creating the project team
  • Project planning
  • Project budgets and funding
  • Strategy and concept (or collective participation)
  • Pavilion design
  • Transport and logistics
  • Pavilion management
  • Support and instructions co-exhibitors
  • Training of co-exhibitors
  • Project evaluation
  • Closing reporting
  • Post-exhibit communication

Who will benefit from this course?

This course is ideal for organisations who coordinate collective trade fair participations, both nationally as well as internationally. They want to professionalise their staff to have their collective trade fair participations achieve high ratings and results. Our clients include:

  • Sector associations
  • BSOs and TPOs
  • Ministries and embassies
  • Export and import promoting organisations
  • Exhibition organisers

This is why Intraservice

Intraservice BV, founded in 1983, has been organising collective participations since 1990 and we are the only company that offers a worldwide training programme on it. Today, we already professionalised group coordinators in 43 countries. We offer our training programmes in German, English, Dutch, and Spanish. In person, on location and online. We work for and with exhibitors, professionals from the trade fair industry, and coordinators of collective exhibition participation, governments and exhibition organisers from around the world. Thanks to our know-how and experience, our clients will generate the best results from their trade fair participation.

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Outsourcing the organisation of your exhibition pavilion to us? Yes you can.

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