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About Intraservice

Since 1983 we specialize in sales training and commercial services. With that we help our global customers to perform better in getting new business and in expanding busisness with existing customers. Coming from over 85 countries our customers are companies, associations and governments. Choosing us for our multi sectoral coverage, worldwide expertise and multilingual assistance.

Sales training:
Whether it is pitching, solution presenting, sales meeting or negotating. On the home market or abroad. Our sales trainings are designed to increase turnover and expand your customer base. Mastering sales techiniques and improving contactual and communication skills helps you become a live professional.

Commercial services:
Call upon us for help in organizing and promoting your business events, trade fairs or any B2B gathering you participate in. We love to be of help. We take on entire projects, or just a part of it. Consultancy or hands on work delivery. Long term programs or a one-time-assignments: we always walk the extra mile. 


Multi sectoral

Multi sectoral

Intraservice trains and supports organizations from all sectors


Worldwide View locations

We have conducted trainings and commercial services in more then 85 countries worldwide



Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish