Consultancy on Exhibition Strategy, Stand Concept and Visitor Marketing

The best preparation for success

Clients approach us for determining their exhibition strategy, their stand concept and visitor marketing campaign for two reasons. Either they have embraced the medium of trade fairs and want their participation to achieve even better results. Or they have a critical view on trade fair participation but realise that they can and should improve their approach. In both cases, they are seeking independent advice

Comprehensive preparation for trade fair participation

We help our clients with an integral approach during the preparations. With a participation strategy, creative ideas – so-called concepts – for their trade fair prearticipation and presentation, and with a plan and time planning for their visitors marketing campaign.

Short exhibition consultancy trajectory

Our support is basically a short consultancy trajectory, aimed at change and improvement. In coordination with your management and the sales and marketing officials, we deliver three things.

1 Exhibition Strategy on 1 A4

The ‘Exhibition Strategy on 1 A4’ is the best method to establish a successful tactic for exhibition participation. The method – developed by Intraservice – has been globally used by multiple sectors and industries since 2006. Together with you, we look at your market, your brand, and your ambitions. We add a sharp focus to your participation and determine the concrete goals. And based on your target group opportunities and obstacles, we establish the right angles for your exhibition propositions and communication.

2 Concept for your exhibition stand

Stand concept is often confused with stand design. An important contribution that your presentation during the trade fair can make to having a successful participation is catching the attention and arousing the interest of your target group. You aim at having your target visitors group experience and connect with the benefits you offer them. Your stand concept ensures that your target group will feel an emotional and positive connection with both your proposition and with you.

3 Target group visitors marketing campaign

A solid and convincing visitors campaign ensures that your target group will add you to their visiting agenda. Approximately two months before the trade fair, you will start publicising your participation and inviting potential clients. We will help you with the planning, design, and structure of your communication via various channels. We also activate and facilitate your sales staff to mobilise their networks. This allows you to schedule a large number of appointments with visitors who will come to your stand even before the trade fair kicks off.

This is why Intraservice

Intraservice BV, established in 1983, is one of the most specialised agencies for exhibition training and coaching in the Netherlands. We work for and with exhibitors, professionals from the trade fair industry, governments, coordinators of collective exhibition participation and exhibition organisers from around the world. Thanks to our know-how and experience, our clients will generate easier and better results from their trade fair participation.

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