Personal Sales Online


The reality of sales has changed for many salesmen. Their contacts with prospects and customers have shifted from personal face-to-face to personal online. They must quickly and adequately transform the way they sell into virtual in order to realise growth and sales targets. Or to not lose their market share to competitors who have picked up online sales more actively, quicker or better. Personal Sales Online is the sales training to professionalise your salespersons in online acquisition, online proposition and product presentations and online negotiations.

Awareness of online meeting and sales

Online is different from face-to-face. You must approach building a personal relationship, duration of the interaction and the manner and content of your communication even more consciously. In our training your salesmen will learn to take the purchase of (prospective) buyers as a guideline for their online interactions with him or her. They will become aware of the customer journey and we will train them to start up the buying process online and work up to and including the sale with each contact.

Techniques for meeting and selling online

To build and maintain a relationship with the customer through the sales process, we work on things such as personal report with the customer, positioning your company and yourself, create buying motivation, carrying out requirements analysis and discovering your added value. You will learn to build up trust and work on techniques for good and pleasant conversations, avoiding pitfalls. By practising conversation and question techniques, you will increase your chances. You will learn to present your value and to negotiate from a win-win situation, to ask for the order and conclude.

Facilitating online sales meetings virtually and digitally

Our training is custom work and complete. In addition to applying sales skills online, we will teach your salesmen to also facilitate personal online sales adequately on tow levels: virtually and digitally. Virtual facilitating refers to carrying out and supervising personal meetings from a distance. Digital facilitating is the synchronisation of digital communication (e-mails, documentation, presentations) for online meetings and the desired outcomes.

Personal Sales Online Components

What are we working on? Depending on the learning needs of your salesmen, the following components will be covered in our Personal Sales Online sales training:

  • Online acquisition: creating awareness: being and staying visible
  • Online acquisition: looking for and approaching prospective customers
  • The phased sales approach
  • The instruments for personal sales
  • Coming to the table: making online appointments
  • Being at the table: meetings and conversations with prospective customers
  • Positioning your company and yourself
  • Assessing the needs of the customer
  • Presenting your proposal and offer
  • Negotiating in a principled way
  • Concluding and following up
  • Online networking (defensive selling after the order)
  • Facilitating online meetings virtually and digitally

Customised sales training: how and for whom?

Personal Sales Online is intended for sales in a business to business environment. We create a customised training, depending on the needs of your organisation. We find out these needs during our introductory meeting with you and your salesmen. Your sales team will follow the training online, in separate sessions of 4 hours maximum. If improvement is the aim, ‘bringing into practice’ is a precondition: starting to act, starting to change. Therefore, during the training we always work on ‘understand, want, can and do’ with the participants. And we keep a very sharp eye on motivation, energy and activation. Because that is how you create support and enthusiasm to actually implement and embed change.

This is why Intraservice

Intraservice BV, founded in 1983, has been a specialised firm for commercial training for B2B since 2004. We train sales teams of small and large companies at home and abroad and in various languages. We know exactly how sales works, for we ourselves are also selling our services on a daily basis, so you can count on decades of sales experience. Theory and practice go hand in hand with us. We have a wide range of various sales trainings. Intraservice has realised dozens of webinars and online trainings. We offer our training programmes in German, English, Dutch, and Spanish. You can opt for a partial training on a single, specific component or for a fully customised sales training. In addition to our online sales training Personal Sales Online we also offer on-site courses in Consultative Selling, SPIN Selling and International Sales for SME’s.

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