Corporate Identity Package


It sounds like a cliché: ‘You will only get a chance once to make a first impression’. There will certainly be a second time, but in practice a fantastic first impression gives you a head start. Think of people visiting your website while googling. Receive your business card at a convention or network event. Or when you make a PowerPoint presentation for a group of people.

Brand experience and brand recognition

We help you to let your business identity speak for you. From us you will receive a sharply chosen and distinctive corporate identity that will let people experience what you stand for and how you do things. A corporate identity style that evokes the right associations from your target groups and creates an emotional connection. We will make sure that you have everything to go public with your corporate identity immediately – and through time – in a gripping and unequivocal way. That you can further develop the preferences of your target groups through consistent recognition and experience of your work.

This is what you will get with our Corporate Identity Package

A complete corporate identity package designed by top designers who have been developing house styles for a wide range of customers.

1. Initial interview

  • A free online initial interview. Getting used to each other, discuss your brand experience an then on to the drawing table.

2. Design proposal logo

  • On the basis of your input we will design a strong logo. Do you want adjustment? No problem. Two revision rounds are included.

3. Complete, definitive house style

  • As soon as the logo has definitively been approved, we will work out the corporate identity completely.

4. Business card

  • For a professional first impression we provide the design of your business card.

5. E-mail signature

  • A professional mail is concluded with an e-mail signature. We will design that for you as well. Simply link it to your e-mail account and you will be digitally in style.

6. Logo file formats

  • We will provide you with the right files that third parties can ask you for: providing for printed matter, advertisements, merchandise etc.

7. Social media files

  • To put your social media into your corporate identity consistently and without problems, you will also receive ready-to-use logo files from us for Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

8. Corporate identity document

  • To have your corporate identity implemented easily and consistently, you will also receive a corporate identity document. All instructions for use of the logo, the colours and the fonts well-organised on one page.

9. Your property for 100%

  • Your corporate identity is completely your property, so you can do with it what your want, with no rights from us applying to it.

This is why Intraservice

Intraservice BV, founded in 1983, is an internationally operating marketing, consultancy and training firm for challenges at the front of business. Specialist in B2B communication, branding, marketing and sales. Since 1988 we have helped companies and organisations all over the world to bring focus into and get result from their marketing and sales efforts. Our designers have 17 years of experience and designed over 250 house styles. As a firm, Intraservice has worked on development and growth in 43 countries with countless organisations. Intraservice helps you to gain access, connect and grow. We offer our services in German, English, Dutch, and Spanish.

Make an appointment

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