Exhibition Kick-off Training

On-site training, a day before the exhibition starts

We generally train trade stand teams a few weeks before the exhibition kicks-off. But that is not always possible. For example, when the team consists of sales staff from different countries. When your team can only come together very shortly before the trade fair starts, our Exhibition Kick-off Training can be the perfect solution. One day before the trade fair starts, we focus intensively on the people who will man your stand – what they will do on-site, in your stand – and we turn them into one strong and motivated team. Together as a team, they will get the maximum return from your trade fair participation.

One team, one goal: success

Your stand team members arrived from different international offices or companies. The etrade fair is going to kick off the next day. Our trainer will make sure that everyone is motivated, lined up, and ready in a very short time. Our Exhibition Kick-off Training will teach your stand team the most effective tips & tricks. We practice on realistic trade fair contacting and interaction situations. And we give the team the energy they need to be bold and keen and to start the trade fair with a bang. As one man with one mission. If necessary, our trainer will be available at your stand the next morning to coach the members of your stand team personally.

Vital skills training

No matter in which country you participate in an trade fair, our trainer will come to you. To work with the team on the vital skills for excellence in stand performance, such as making contact effectively, understanding what your visitors moves and what they need, the necessary personal stand behaviour, and turning encounters into results. We will also teach your stand staff how to have structured conversations and how the buying brain of a trade fair visitor works. Ultimately, the Exhibition Kick-off Training will provide more leads, better trade fair encounters, and more and better opportunities.

Exhibition Kick-off Training elements:

During our Exhibition Kick-off Training we will focus on elements such as:

  • Motivation, enthusiasm, and boldness
  • Making contact and connecting with visitors
  • Reflection on exhibition participation and stand behaviour
  • Qualification and disqualification of visitors
  • Personal engagement
  • Exhibition pitch under time pressure:the  ExpoPitch©
  • Proposition and exhibition goals
  • Sales procedures at the exhibition
  • The buying brain of the visitor
  • Efficient and effective trade fair meetings
  • Code of Conduct
  • Wrapping up trade fair meetings with a next step

Tailored exhibition training

At the trade fair, it all comes down to your team. And one team may be better equipped than the other. The one may be a well-oiled machine while the other is still a bit apprehensive when it comes to approaching and dealing and interacting with visitors. That is why we always tailor our Exhibition Kick-off Training to your requirements. We jointly look at your stand teams needs and adjust the training accordingly.

This is why Intraservice

Founded in 1983, Intraservice BV has been one of the most specialised agencies for exhibition training and coaching in the Netherlands since 1990. We offer our training programmes in German, English, Dutch and Spanish. In person, on location and online. We work for and with exhibitors, professionals from the trade fair industry, and coordinators of collective trade fair participation and trade fair organisers from around the world. Thanks to our know-how and experience, our clients generate the best results from their trade fair participations.

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