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Outbound and incoming

The Successful Trade Mission training is for SMEs that want to increase cross-border trade through incoming or outbound trade missions. Successful Trade Mission trains them in all aspects of commercial preparation and execution. What do I know about the others' business? What are areas of interest and chances? How does their business etiquette work? Who do I want to speak to and what goals am I setting? How do I make a good impression? How do I pitch myself, my company and my offer? How do I conduct good conversations and reach agreements under time pressure? And how do I make the most of networking moments?

Global, multi-sector, multilingual

We have been training SMEs that want to start exporting or increase their exports worldwide since 1983. We have commercially trained exporters in 26 countries using our sector-independent approach. We train in 4 languages: German, English, Dutch and Spanish.

The Successful Trade Mission training is offered for individual companies or groups of companies.