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Buying process as starting point

Have you noticed hesitation or resistance in your sales staff when they approach new customers? Are they not reaching enough agreements or getting the most out of it? Then Selling for New business is the training you've been waiting for! In contrast to other sales trainings,  the starting point in Selling for New business isn't the sales process, but the customer's buying process. Why? Because buyers prefer sales people that understand and respect their buying process and that help move it forward. 

More active and more successful

Selling for New Business will give your sales staff greater joy and confidence in the creation of new customers.  Because they will have been trained to continually have their sales actions fit with where the customer is at in the buying process. Your sales staff will learn how to apply the tested "buyers' mind-set selling" methodology to get the buying process started, to promote it and to successfully conclude it. Selling for New business may well be the most eye-opening and activating sales training currently available.