Selling for Large Orders

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Traditional sales techniques are unusable

Are you dissatisfied with your sales results for large orders? Chances are that your sales personnel is making use of traditional sales techniques. Traditional sales techniques are focused on small orders, which typically only take a single conversation with the customer.  They emphasize the need to create interest during your initial conversation and to mention your benefits. Using open and closed questions is important. And they teach you to use closure techniques. But  selling for large orders requires different techniques.

Trust and preference

Selling for Large Orders is a commercial development programme for sales personnel involved in long or complex sales cycles. Personnel who are dealing with orders that involve large sums of money or that are of great importance. These kinds of orders require multiple sales conversations and involve multiple decision makers. Selling for Large Orders focuses on creating trust and preference in large customers. From start to finish. Selling for Large Orders teaches you the one technique that does work.