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Comprehensive telephone training

The Phone Calls for Business training is designed for anyone that wants to improve their business phone calls. Anyone who would like their team to confidently enjoy making use of the phone to successfully take things forward. Gaining new customers and making the most of existing customers. For both cold and warm acquisition. Phone Calls for Business is a complete phone call training training. It ranges from initial contact by phone to negotiating by phone. And from dealing with complaints by phone to the closing of deals.

Excelling at phone calls

Phone Calls for Business helps you turn a phone call into an integrated part of your sales process and follow-up. It's not something you rush or do without giving it your full attention. But you prepare for it, have a plan, and are always intentional about it. Phone Calls for Business teaches you to overcome resistance and reach agreements. You predict the way the phone call will go. You're a master at creating an intelligent call script. And you make full and professional use of emotion, intonation and energy.