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Selling the intangible

Logistic, technical, financial and legal service providers are experts. The are subject matter professionals that are in an advisory relationship with the customer or prospect. This kind of relationships offer huge chances for growth. But, unfortunately, subject matter expertise does not automatically get combined with with sound business practices. Many experts and advisers are not aware of the commercial role they play. They do not see, create or make the most of growth opportunities. Others may be aware of these opportunities but make use of sales techniques that don't fit in an advisory role. Their behaviour wastes growth opportunities.

For development of service providers

Consultative Selling is a dedicated training for the development of the advisory sales skills of experts and advisors. The training gets service organizations into commercial shape. Commercial advisory services are becoming part of contact with customers and prospects. Consultative Selling uses a hands-on approach to teach you to effectively and consistently:

•    build trust and demonstrate

•    commercially conduct and lead

      advisory meetings
•    present recommendations in an attractive and persuasive


•    convert recommendations into transactions