Corporate Sales Manual

A digital and up-to-date manual for your salesforce    

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Everybody in the best way possible

Your sales force regularly participates in commercial courses, but you’re not satisfied with the results. You see little improvement, differences in sales approaches continue to exist or the same mistakes are made over and over again. How do you change this? A sales manual would be the answer for you. Combining your best sales knowledge and skills with your best practices. But do you have such a manual? Intaservice helps you with developing it. 

Selling as you want it

Your Corporate Sales Manual is more than just the commercial knowledge and skills handbook for your sales people. It is their true guide in effective sales… and it is your key to success. A manual from A to Z customized for your business, especially for your product or service. Selling as you need it to be done, crystal clear and the same for all your sellers! It’s digital so it is always possible to adjust the manual to the current situation. Timeless and essential for every commercial organization!