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Intraservice provides exhibition training courses and exhibition consultancy services for individual or group participants of international exhibitions. In Bolivia, Intraservice trained exporters and service providers from the vegetables and fruit sector and the wine sector on multiple occasions. Ranging from training at an altitude of 3600 metres in La Paz, to training in the tropically warm Santa Cruz and Tarija near the Argentinian border. 

Small Wines of Bolivia were a hit at ProWein due branding and exhibition materials

Wines of Bolivia is the association of Bolivian wine producers and exporters. It helps its members to position and promote their Bolivian wines worldwide. After working extensively on branding with Wines of Bolivia, Intraservice assisted them in the creation of a detailed manual for the organisation of collective sector participation at international exhibitions.  As a result of the participation at exhibitions by the relatively small wine country, the international newcomer Bolivia has suddenly turned into an important destination for importers of quality wines worldwide.

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