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Practical and natural

Do pitches you have created end up in a drawer? Chances are that this is because your sales staff can't or don't want to use them. They are not useful because they don't fit into your sales staff's world.  Or because they don't feel natural to your sales staff, creating resistance to their use in them. This is a pity, because, of all the people in your company, they are the ones most likely to be in situations where good pitches can be very effective. 

Being able to pitch anything

Practical Pitching teaches you to how to write solid, persuasive pitches for anything in 5 minutes.  The half-day workshop will provide your sales staff with three completed pitches that they are guaranteed to use. One to introduce themselves as a professional, one to position your company, and one to interest the customer in your product. Of training, practising how to make the most of your power, voice and body is included.